A milestone today, small one in the over all scheme of things I suppose however, it feels huge to me. The past eight months have been busier than I enjoy my life to be. Time to really slow things down, take stock and adjust my priority check list.

The photo below is from a sleepy, little, old fashioned town square in the middle of Iowa. Although, this building was a bit out of place, the window caught our attention, from the last road trip I took with my friend Annie.

Stage or Test, Trust & Temporary Assignment?

Finished, or nearly finished the masonry portion on our church today. Men donated their time and skills and the women provided delicious dishes and lots of iced water to drink. Blessings and thanks to all.

A fitting day for a major life change, my dad’s birthday –

John F. Wecker July 3, 1925 – Nov. 1, 1998.