Treasured Tuesday’s – Last week I attempted to straighten up some of the messy piles around the studio. One major issue, the many books and vintage “Art News” magazines retrieved from my dad’s work space last summer. Finally, the many volumes spanning from 1952 – 1962, are unpacked, organized and safely stored in my large, school salvaged, book case.

Cover – Donna Canonici da Ferrara, 1477 of the portrait-pair by Frcesco Cossa. The inscriptions read: UT SIT NOSTRA FORMA SUPERSTSES (In order that our image may survive.)

These issues are most likely rich in art history and imagery, however, I’m not sure whats to be done with them. For now, they will remain a part of my studio stuff as they were in my dad’s.


Treasured Tuesday’s – My studio space is a wonderland of interesting items, some sentimental and others that were collected over the years. This volume of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” belonged to my dad and surprisingly there is no date, anywhere inside. Assuming it to be among his childhood books, I estimate it to be, approximately between 75 to 100 years old, and quite endearing.

The next page simply says “Printed in the United States of America By J. J. Little & Ives Company, New York,” but no date. I find that curious and wonder of the significance, if any.

The Paper Cut Outs page, I purchased a few years ago for the illustration quality. Who can resist anything Alice, right? Especially if they contain the classic illustrations of John Tenniel!

Sweet Books

Treasured Tuesday’s – Surprisingly there were shopping opportunities during the Home Companion Workshop reception last Friday evening. A little bit of everything that I like, including my favorite, vintage children’s books! The Gardian Angel book, in French, is especially sweet.

Also one artist book, The ABC of Color! And one that I will keep, as a surprise for later. These were an unexpected treat!

Enamel Ware

Treasured Tuesday – The very first antique that I was fortunate enough to acquire, held much sentimental value for me. It was my grandmothers dresser, given to me when I was sixteen years old. Although I’m not sure why, the attraction to antiques at such an early age, just seemed like a natural. The strong interest has remained with me these many years. For the most part, I try to stay out of shops now and often describe myself as a recovering collector.

Enamel ware pots are among the first collections I began. The large pitcher, top left, is the first piece I purchased around age 19 or so. In the same shop, I also discovered a couple of nicely shaped pots with wire handles and a wooden hand grip. When my mom explained that these were old “potties,” kept under the commodes or “water closets,” they didn’t quite hold the same attraction for me. A short time later, she was able to convince me to part with those pieces.

The items shared here today are only a portion of my collection and still one of my favorite subjects to include in my artwork. Some of these will be featured in an upcoming fabric line. Stay tuned to seeĀ  when they will make their debut.

Some Local History – I only discovered in a search I conducted this morning!

Art of Papercutting

Treasured Tuesday’s – Today is featuring a couple of vintage pieces that I picked up in a little shop on my day out gallivanting last week. I couldn’t resist this stunning work. I thought of my artist friend Sharyn Sowell as soon as I saw them and was hoping she could offer an opinion regarding their history.

Face to Face

I would like to think that my designs for the marketplace are cutting edge regarding current trends. However, I’m pretty sure that in fact, I’m living behind my time. I just reactivated my account on Facebook, once again. I don’t think I like it but trying to give it a fair chance this time. So far though, sorry fellow Facebook users, I think I might hate it. It’s only been activated, this time, for one day, in a row.

I’m attracted to the much more “artistic” means of communicating brief messages to family and friends that was the custom a hundred years ago. Slower yes, but more endearing. What is our hurry? Who are we looking for? Technology is good and obviously I take advantage of many of the tools it offers, but at times, I would like to slow things down and savor the moments with the ones around me.

Sharing for Treasured Tuesday’s, collected postcards.