One of the commissioned projects that I am currently working to finish has been an interesting and informative one. The company is Fine Art Limited and is a publisher of fine art for commemorative events. During our first meeting I was presented with a copy of  “The Art of Prophecy,” a book compiled by the company’s president and founder, Jack B. Scharr. The book presents the fulfillment of prophecy from old into the new testament and the chosen art works based on biblical figures and events. The union of the artwork with prophecy conveys a written and visual description of the fulfillment of God’s word. Each Sunday, through the Lenten season, I would like to share some of this beautiful book’s images which include some of the most prominent of the great masters work’s.

The Profet Ezekiel, 1510

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1474 – 1563) Sistine Chapel