This past week I was asked to help construct a display as part of a local, home school group’s Spring Art Show. We were shown an (tiny photo) example using a large cardboard box as the exhibitor’s show space. So, pretty much, I was winging it.

Spray painting a cardboard box was a first for me and harder than it sounds. I recommend brushing the paint on, for anyone interested.

Not knowing the exact space size, I thought adjustable walls might be the way to go. So, I rigged a simple system using brass brads, cardboard buttons and string.

Then it was time to select the art, mount on to poster board and assemble.

The rewarding results above, considering however, that the art teacher rearranged my precise placement of the original pieces! Always an art director that decides, they know better, eh?

And . . . our proud artist exhibitor, John.