I would like to report that I am still standing firm and in faith, I believe I am however, in reality it feels like, even though I’m standing, still terribly sad. I’m not sure if or how to continue with posts feeling this way although, I’ve always tried to be authentic here since I began Joy Studio and I wouldn’t know how to do anything else. I suppose I could just be silent and sometimes… I probably will. So, sadness will just have to be part of my expression, as I expect it will accompany me for some time.

Nearly a month, just shy since my mom was killed but the desire to keep going, to press on (I press on toward the goal… Phil.3:14) has been instilled in me (by dad & mom) and I have learned, we must do this as quickly as possible, even when we don’t want to.

This week, I plan to put the comfort of creating to the test, once again. I have a full understanding that there is no escaping deep sadness in this life but it’s good to allow the healing to begin. My mom would agree. Creating can help. I’ll let you know what results. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and caring comments.

Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.   Psalms 23:4