A re-claiming of seldom used space has been underway recently in the Joy (home) Studio. I took a week to transform a spare bedroom into yet another creating station. All paper crafting, photos and some sewing supplies, will now occupy the former retreat. A major purge (of collected stuff) has begun!

The room, cupboard, bins and totes were emptied, some what, to make room for the supplies, priceless photos and my mom’s 50’s/60’s Necchi esperia machine, just around an unseen corner. Still too messy to show, but soon perhaps. I think I’m making progress, although ever so s-l-o-w-l-y. Eeks, I am still hopeful that eventually, there will be an end to the organizing & re-organizing.

My daughters are the recipients of the bed, (flower & tea) pots, baskets, etc. It feels good to pass it on so, guessing . . . I should feel great by the time the job is completed, eh?