Armed with good intentions and resolutions, I accomplished some, not all, of what I planned for the first week of the new year:

Washed some filthy, but interesting vintage windows that I’ve been storing for years, on the one warm sunny day we’ve had.

Afterward I played a bit, utilizing the new decorative elements on a blank studio wall over the company filing cabinets. The lateral file systems were a big help in gaining control in the studio’s office area. One unit houses my sketches and ideas, while another, the not so fun, but necessary business items. Fitting & functional.

Then I had to clean up the paper blob that typically accumulates on top of them both! Oh my, still working on that, end of the year items, etc.

I found the wire/rod dress form in a shop on the way home from Spring Quilt Market last May. The sparkly J-O-Y letters, Wendy Addison – Tinsel Trading Co., were purchased a few weeks earlier at the ME Home Companion workshop event. The dress form, art pieces are from my “Tiny Tailors” fabric line. It’s nice to see them all in their proper places at last.

I managed to get the Christmas decorations put away,

…do a little sketching on a new line using some of my old art,

and tried to eat healthy for the last three days in a row!

So, not a bad start, I suppose. This also seems a good time to declare the rest of my ongoing organizing goals for 2011 and checking off some from 2010. During the studio clean up attempts over the past year, it became necessary to extend the regrouping to all areas of my life, eeks, as I’ve stated a few times already. It seems the farther I get into this, the more projects and stuff I (re) discover. Fun, but at times it still overwhelms.

Dealing with all of the accumulated debris while the under lying prioritizing of what’s important to do with one’s time vs what needs to go, is a challenge. Seeing some results helped me this week however, to stay on (practical) task. Overall, I’m encouraged to keep going and hopefully you are to.