I had the pleasure of seeing my daughter’s new offices for the first time and helping to decorate her space over the weekend. The new building is great and half the distance she previously had to commute. And – She now has twice the space and two large walls of windows, a huge treat.

A little over three months ago, her work place experienced a fire and the building was not salvageable. So, after working three months from home, it was fun to see her get settled into the new digs. She works as a graphic artist and it was a relief to learn that her hard drive (containing the majority of the company’s design files) did survive. However, all other equipment, furniture and supplies including ruler, Pantone books, light box, stapler, nearly everything, etc. were purchased new. Nice! ThinkingMan©KateFrisch Above is one of her art pieces from a college assignment who is now keeping her company on the job. Decorating updates to follow.