Last February in a post titled “Unexpected Guest,” you may remember, was a tale of a large black snake that I discovered in my home studio. This afternoon, after I spent several hours working on the catalog clean up, I decided to make a brief wash room visit. As I stepped toward the door, I found myself face to face with the critter pictured below. His/her head was raised in the strike position, as I was extremely close to stepping in it’s path. Instead, I froze in my tracks. My immediate assessment was that this was a poisonous snake and most likely a Copperhead! Eeks! Two snakes, inside, in the same year? This will never do. Especially the most concerning species in this region.

Living in the woods, I’ve become accustomed to snakes and expect to see them from time to time, outside! However, never did I expect to see one of these guys, inside. With limited resources, I backed up, circled around, picked up a small basket on the way and was able to throw it over the top of him/her from behind. After that, it was a challenge but I manged to get it out the door and into a box. Heart was pounding all the while. Whew. Not going to be at ease in the studio again until I find out if he/she was acting alone. Jeepers-creepers!

Oh, and BTW, my fonts are looking weird on this end again, too.