Main Entry: gal·li·vant
Variant(s): also gal·a·vant \ˈga-lə-ˌvant\
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: perhaps alteration of 3gallant
Date: 1823
1 : to go about usually ostentatiously or indiscreetly
2 : to travel, roam, or move about for pleasure
OK, I would have to say, the above explains where I’ve been the last couple of days. We’ve enjoyed a couple of phenomenal Spring weather days and it was just too difficult to stay indoors and work. I’ll share some details.
My friend and I had good intentions Thursday, when we ventured out on our mission to gather information and supplies for the Halloween project. However, we did begin to roam when we hit our destination, historic, downtown St. Charles.
The highlight, lunch at “Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room,” the perfect and picturesque setting to linger over lunch and enjoy a visit with my girlhood friend. Of course, dessert came in second.