Another subject research (for a new collection) turned up this wonderful 1930’s dress form on Ebay and was listed, ‘in mint condition.’ And in my size! And just so happened, to be located a mere 30 minutes away to boot. So, in my true to low sales resistance form, I thought . . .  just because, this big sister would fit right in at the Joy Studio. Yep, I think so, right? Only thing missing, the finial on top.

Typically I (try to) stay away from such tempting treasures however, the on line research tool usually gets me as did this, one previously owned, dress form. She may have to make herself useful around the place, although I’m not quite sure just how yet. Perhaps as the artist’s model? Hmmmn, wonder if she does ironing.BTW – My thought to be size, in the 1930’s does not seem to coinside with my new friend!

Research is over, back to the drawing board. 😉