Treasured Tuesday – My friend Melissa made a recent comment about one of my feather tree, Christmas fences so, I’m sharing them all today. I have three that I like to incorporate into the holiday decorations. They’re too nice to pack away afterward so, I try to keep them displayed all year long in a variety of ways.

I found one article that offered this bit of information:

Antique Christmas Tree Fences

Fences for the Christmas tree were made of a variety of materials. Some of the earliest were made of wood or cast iron, then later versions introduced sheet metal and plastic. The cast iron fences mimiced the elaborate detail of the Victorian fences surrounding people’s homes. Wood fences were constructed of twigs, feature tree branches, or the more common wood planks. One can also find fences that were pre-wired and contain sockets for lights on the fence posts.

Some fences came in sections allowing the consumer to create any lenght of fencing that they desired. Many fences had one section that contained a gate for “entrance” into the enclosure. Inside the fences people included small cardboard houses, composition animals, Erzgebirge pieces, dolls, toys, or any other items that they wished to use as decoration. Some built elaborate putz scenes or Christmas gardens, with the fence enclosing these wonderful creations.

The one above needed a lot of restoration when I discovered it. My brother-in-law Paul helped out in the putting back together process.

Thanks Melissa, I really like them too.

This one landed here and doubles as wall art in the guest bedroom, off season.