OK, so let’s get to the best part about Christmas cookies, besides eating them, the recipes! I have collected some of the very best recipes from family, friends and some, seen below, were found in my grandma’s recipe card file. A treasure in themselves, with all of their baking ingredient spills and drips. The condiment caddy also belonged to my gram.

Others were collected from box tops such as the one below from the Quaker Oats lid, I think. The post card image is from the “Cookie Cutter Christmas” patch panel fabric. I invite you to print (using the link) with my permission for personal use, (gift tag or mailing) of course. I’m not sure how it will work so, please let me know if you are able to retrieve. I tried to save as a printable pdf.

Oatmeal CookiesRecipeCard

More recipes to come. I am so far behind on Christmas prep this year, hopefully I’ll be baking some of these cookies next week.