OK, yesterday was golden but today, yikes! Since taking time off, I’ve been catching up on the many areas of the home and studio that needed my attention, desperately. I feel pretty good about the main level, regaining control there, except for a few over due closet renovations, and have even completed a few projects. However, today, I moved to the studio area, dunt, dunt, dunnnnn, a personal stronghold, well one of them. I am determined to conquer the “messy” studio before going back to work. Who can create in chaos, right? I will not give up until I have the organized, artful place restored to it’s original order. I insist.

Perhaps some of you remember my posting several messy studio photos (above) last March, titled “Good, Bad & the Ugly.”Ā  Those were suppose to be the before’s and then I planned to share the after’s. Well, these several months later, I looked around this morning, not sure where to begin so, I started with the most dreaded. The shelves of magazines.



and more magazines! Oh brother. Does anyone else suffer from this addiction? I mean what do you do with these beauties? Well, they have to go, but not before I sift through them of course. Yikes, how long is that going to take? Can I do it in this lifetime?

The shelves are getting there. Am I half way yet?

No, not even close. Well, it’s a start. Yeah!