Fourth day home from the Atlanta Gift Show and I’m only now beginning, to feel rested up. There was much to see, many to meet and I tried to take in as much as time allowed. I think I over did it.

On the fun side, there were many artists gathered and gatherings of which, I took full advantage. I couldn’t seem to get enough of visiting with so many, like minded souls. And all in one place, loved it.

One artist who was gracious enough to allow me to snap away inside his studio, really stood out for me. Tom Haney and his wife Paula Joerling hosted an intimate creative gathering in their loft home/studio spaces. There we were met with yet more, artist types. What an interesting and enjoyable evening. Tom’s art was unbelievable and many of his pieces are mechanical. My photos do not do justice to the wonderful details of Tom’s workmanship. A pure treat to observe!