This big old oak was the most interesting looking tree on our heavily wooded property. Full of twists and turns throughout it’s branches and right outside my back door. All the other oaks grew straight up, as you would expect, but this beauty, had loads of character. One could not help but be inspired by it, everyday, never taking for granted it’s grand size and shady splendor.

Topless Tree

One day while working outside I began to hear the cracking sound of something very large and very near. Surrounded by gigantic oaks, I started looking up in a “Chicken Little” like manner, somewhat panicked. Searching out the sound as quickly as I could, the crackling noise alarming and then suddenly, ka-BOOM! The enormous top of this tree came crashing down so loudly as if to shake the ground, about fifty feet from where I was standing.

Unknown Artist

Visually I have grieved it’s absence however, it has provided the studio with comfort and warmth for two winters. I’m burning the last of my favorite oak today on one of our last chilly mornings of the season.