Is everyone enjoying the Spring weather, flowering trees, bushes and sprouting splendor? We have had a good stretch of incredible weather here in the Midwest making it very pleasant to continue with my healthy walking commitment. Dodging rain for the next few days, however.

I brought  my camera yesterday to capture my neighbors snowball bushes. I’m guessing that they are the common variety and not yet full grown which, according to the site listed below is 8 to 12 feet. These bring to mind another memory, of visits to my grandma’s garden. She had a gigantic snowball bush, the largest I’ve ever seen, but of course, I was just a small girl so maybe it only seemed that way.

About the common snowball bush : The Common Snowball Bush, Viburnum opulus, also called the European Cranberry bush produces white flowers in late spring. It is a deciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub. In the fall, the leaves turn a wonderful burgundy reddish-purple. About the same time, the bright red, attractive berries ripen, and persist on the plant throughout the winter. Birds, particularly Cedar Waxwings, are very fond of the berries, and can often be found snacking during the winter. Have a snowball fight in June! Kids and adults alike love this rounded plant with masses of flowers. Grows best in full sun to partial shade. Bushes & Shrubs