We have the voting results,

and the tallying process was very interesting.

But first . . . I would like to tell you . .

IMPRESSIVE display participants!

We are blown away by the level of creativity and skill shown in these wonderful pincushion projects and accessories. You all sewed your hearts out it appears and I am sincerely moved to see your works.

Over the years I have heard from some of you regarding how my designs have touched you in some way and it is my favorite part of creating fabric. Connecting with like-minded kindreds is such a treat for me. And seeing the Handmaids® images come to life this way, is icing on the cake! I am so grateful to each of you for taking the time to join us in this latest challenge.

Thank you.

So here is how your votes, along with ours went:

First Place #8 Linda Crouch

Second #4 Carol Kussart

Third #11 Victoria Naylor Passmore

Fourth #12 Kryn Marie McLaughlin

Fifth #5 Ginger Lowry

Your first pick was quite the popular choice by far. The majority of the voting however, was close. They were ALL so WONDERFUL. I imagine we all found this a difficult task, but fun, so very fun.

Congrats to everyone!

And again, to show our appreciation we would like to send you some fat quarters so,

if you haven’t already, send us an address.


Gifts & Prizes go out next week.


Check out the Handmaids® Pincushion Challenge 2016 board on Pinterest.

The complete list of artisans are:

#1 Genie Betts

#2 Nancy Berry

#3 Amy Warner

#4 Carol Kussart

#5 Ginger Lowry

#6 JoAnn May

#7 Rosemary Bolton

#8 Linda Crouch

#9 Judy Foglio

#10 Jessie Gaskin

#11 Victoria Naylor Passmore

#12 Kryn Marie McLaughlin

#13 Letha McKinnon

#14 Rhonda Luther

A participant scoop on the next Handmaids® collection,

“She Sews Sea Shells” from Quilting Treasures! In shops February 2017