"Animal Alphabet Games" fabric

This week was the first opportunity I had to see the final product of my latest creations, “Animal Alphabet Games.” This fabric bears an exceptional likeness to the original art.  It delivered to quilt shops just before Christmas and is now available.  Many of you have expressed an interest in locating more “Hungry Animal Alphabet” fabric.  I think you will find this fabric group to be equally engaging and fun.  From the artist’s point of view, the animal games art is my new favorite alphabet.

The line features our favorite animals immersed in a variety of fun and games, vintage style. The games & toys include all of the old “favorites” such as Jacks, Jump-rope and Old Maid. I am always amazed to see the sketches develop through the various stages and on to become the finished product. As you can see here, the fabric printed beautifully.  I invite you to Check out the Cow, Clowning around as he plays Cards and Chess in a Checked Coat. Is he Cheating?  Available in quilt shops now.

See more fabric details on www.quiltingtreasures.com