…at the end of the tunnel! Finally, I am completing work on the last of my actual commitments. I am strongly sensing the need for a change. Not only creatively speaking but a total lifestyle “makeover!” I am ready for it too.

You may remember this photo I posted last February. I had barely started on a new project seen here on the drawing board. In the months to follow there would be many challenges (work related) ahead. A really great program was the result but I confess, there were times throughout the year that I considered throwing in the art licensing towel.

I’m not at liberty to reveal the new line just yet but look forward to sharing the interesting details surrounding this art group. Product will be delivering soon and I can then share images and availability. An artist’s personality may not always be suited for business, which is the conclusion that I’ve come to accept for myself.  However, I’m grateful to have recently started working with the first member of a new team. Yeah, the Cavalry has arrived!