Some projects just turn out to be huge hurdles that we can only push past and learn from. I’m sure we all experience many in the course of a life time, of a variety of types and reasons. My recent post of Sept. 13th, “Light…” refers to one such hurdle of mine that I’m glad to be over.

The process that I follow requires in this order, brainstorm, sketch, a lot of sketching, execute final art, in my case watercolor the most fun part, design product, product mock up and sometimes ads. Once I take an idea, the original thought, all the way from the drawing board on to the computer, both timely steps, I’ m done. It’s out of my system and I’m ready to move on to the next fun idea and fairly quickly. Unfortunately, my tedious process takes me far too long to always maintain the “fun” aspect of art licensing. I either need to get younger or faster at what I do. Any suggestions? IF my hands could only keep up with the creative ideas, my portfolio would be vast!

Finally, at last, I’m nearly at liberty to share the details of the extremely interesting program that occupied a good deal of my energy this past year. Aha, the fun part!