OK, I realize that operating in the first year of my blog, I’m still a relatively new blogger and have a lot to learn. So, I have a question for any of the veteran bloggers out there. What would cause my blog site and a few others I noticed, to appear differently, only the text headings, for about a week now?

There are so many fonts that I really like but some, I just hate the look of and this was one of them. Following my last post, my blog name and all headings appeared something like the “B” column below. I disliked it so much and after many attempts to adjust, I was forced to give up and resign to the new ugly font. I seriously considered moving Joy Studio if I was not able to remove the unrequested change.

Then, as suddenly as it appeared, yesterday afternoon, it returned to it’s original font, something like column “A.” Someone suggested that perhaps, it was a setting on my end only? I changed nothing. I don’t get it. Did anyone else experience this last week? How does it appear to you now, please comment. Yep, technology, computers, you gotta love em, eh?

Is font type important? I suppose not really, eh?