Left stormy St. Louis which stayed with us on the first leg of our road trip.Ā  Arrived on Thursday around 5:30pm in cloudy, but dry Minneapolis, MN

Our room’s view from the luxurious Hilton. Gaining perspective.

Having only one day at Quilt Market called for concentrated focus.


On the road trip home, the focus was on a little unexpected fun.

Due to a missed exit, Ann and I stumbled upon historic Hampton Iowa along US Route 65 and Iowa Highway 3. We couldn’t resist making a short stop to breathe in the picturesque town square.


After taking a couple shots of the historic building and park, complete with an outdoor amphitheater, we turned to see behind us two inviting shops that we could not resist. “The Wood Cellar” and “Orange Possum” were well worth the unintended detour.

The spoils from stolen moments that afforded for just the right amount of fun!

Details on the giveaway will be posted Friday.