Well, I made it to the grocery store and returned with the healthy stuff. Taking the time to read the labels of everything I was buying, took additional time. I think I may have set a record for the longest grocery shopping experience.

The report I mentioned on Monday’s post was lengthy and the section on supplements is going to take more time to investigate. What I’ve read so far makes a lot of sense and I think it was a worth while purchase.

Some of the report included the commonly known healthy choices that we should already be making. However it also offers much information on nutrients, exercise, sleep, stress, meditation (I’ll call prayer), etc., some of which I was not aware, such as sea salt.

Who knew, sea salt, make the switch.

So, bringing home the colorful food is only the beginning to this natural approach of controlling blood pressure and a new way of living.

These are two of my healthiest pieces of art, both from my “Home Grown” collection.