“Daily Grind” fabric is in! A few days ago, two boxes of my favorite beverage inspired, fabrics arrived from Quilting Treasures. It seems like a hundred years ago that I began work on this art. There were many delays in the creation stages, mostly personal, but the results are rewarding. The warm, neutral tones are perfect for the season and just in time for cool weather. The international impressions are available in independent quilt shops. QT’s Daily Grind project.

Perhaps some quilted mug rugs should be a, just for fun, fall project. The collection includes a (6″) patch panel that would be perfect for those, pot holders, patchwork, pockets, etc. Pretty cute, if I may say so! Any coffee lovers out there?

Looking back this morning at my inspiring ‘Morning Cup’ in this February, 2010 post. I can’t help but to associate what was going on in life, with the specifics surrounding the various art assignments. I suppose the creative thought process cannot be separated from experiences, emotions and events.

Oh, and speaking of a coffee break, I think it’s time for one. A long one at that.