Catching (my breath) up from the 2013 Americas Mart Gift Show in Atlanta has been a challenge. Last week was spent finishing work in progress, organizing thoughts, materials, contact info and sending off new art for future (hopefuls) projects.

A few photos of trip highlights.A18FlrsAmericasMartThe eighteen floors of showrooms – looking up the escalator stairway from a welcome cafe resting spot.

B2AtlArtists2013Friday night’s annual artist meet up.

C3A chance meeting with pumpkin pals.

D4RobinCarsonAnd an artist pal’s signings. This one with Robin Davis at one of the new (additional) Carson locations

E5BookArtGathered inspiration for studio & home decor ideas.

F6CardLadyPicturaStopped by to see an old (licensee partner) friend.

H8FramesPls©jwfMet new partners, Brian and Todd, the dynamic duo of Frames Plus, Inc. & enjoyed seeing three of my recent collections displayed in their showroom window. The framed print products will be available soon – updates to come.

G7WheelingDealing©jwfWheeled & dealed. 😉

DiceyWeatherAtl2013Weathered a dicey ride home.

ReturnHomeAtlanta2013To a safe and sunny return.