June News

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New Workshop Space

Before awareness of everything made the national calendar,
And, oh yeah . . it still is. Lol
So, Happy Birthday to all of you who were born in June and to me.
As it happens I have some really exciting news happening this month for

Tidings of Great Joy, LLC – dba Great Joy Studio:

A NEW workshop and office space, all our own! Yes, another move and here’s the story:

Years before the last two floods (2015 & 2017) in Eureka MO I would occasionally drive by and day-dream about a small 1916 farmhouse in ‘Old Town’. When it came up for sale again this year, I began to re-visit the former possibilities. Seemed absurd, out of the question, absolutely not! So, instead we moved to an office rental up the street. Adequate but not too inspiring. On my commute passing to and from the very large For Sale sign on the tiny but charming purple house was a daily occurrence and impossible to miss. Then in February, I decided to call on the property again and even threw out a number to the owner much to my amazement. In the weeks following I did my best to leave it in the back of my mind. However, this along with everything else going on in the world and in my personal life, waiting and wondering became a bit transforming. I still cannot put any of this into words that make sense to anyone perhaps but myself. And God? Maybe.

Anyway . . .

Weeks go by, working and prayer, working and prayer, living life, working and more working and more thoughtful deliberation, much research, work, prayer . . . I’m sure you are getting a picture. Then, one night for whatever reason as I sat straight up in bed, my eyes zeroed in on a particular sentimental watercolor that I keep in my room. It’s been there for many years and goes by unnoticed for the most part. It was painted by my Dad when I was a baby and holds great sentimental value. As far back as I can remember it hung in my parents room. The piece sits right next to a photograph of my Dad and me. This night, as I realized the striking similarities to the property and the painting that I found myself exclaiming aloud, “Dad, it’s the purple farmhouse!” Suddenly, strangely I felt peace. Peace of mind somewhat and the first time in weeks, even still, and I don’t fully understand why. So, I began several weeks of investigation, not allowing myself to give it too much thought and just kept busy as I always do these days. The further I probed, the easier it became to give into the idea for one more office/workshop move. Although I don’t exactly know where this venture is going and still having some uneasiness from time to time it’s mostly EXCITING and fun to think of the uses! To say nothing of the decorating!

We take possession this month (a matter of days) and will work extra hard to have an open house/preview during the Eureka Block Party June 14 and maybe our first class there mid July. Keep an eye out on our new Workshop page we are currently in the process of creating. For our new space updates you can also follow us on Instagram @Jweckerfrisch

Thanks for your visit.



PS – New location is – 16 Dreyer Ave. Eureka, MO 63025